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The Journey
of ArtBuzz

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
- Lao Tzu.

We started as a design studio in 2010 at Mumbai and in a decade we have grown to become full-fledged advertising and a marketing partner with stunning strategy. Every story has some moving phases and many ups and downs, and that makes the story interesting.

In 2010, the founders of Mumbai's ArtBuzz Advertising Agency set out to assist businesses market and sell their wares via the creation and distribution of advertising and other forms of promotional content.

Our company ArtBuzz Advertising Agency’s founder, Dhanashri, was born with an innate sense of direction. She had been working in advertising for four years before she decided to leave and start ArtBuzz Advertising Agency as that of the cornerstone of her own design company.

Finding a solid business partner is the pinnacle of success, and it's a double win when that partner is also your life partner. Mr. Umesh believed in the project and contributed to making the first commercial connections in the industry. His background as an assistant art director in the film business is the icing on the cake. A new perspective is offered on the imaginative universe..

Through time, clientele, personnel, and expertise, we continue to expand. Working in a variety of fields gives us confidence and helps us reach our goals, despite the numerous "ifs" and "buts" that always arise along the way.

Meet Our Team

Dhanashri Bhadane
Creative Director

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Specialisation in Photography. Skilled in Graphic Design, passionate about the creatieve work. 14 Years of experience in an advertising agency.

Started a career in a small city with a newspaper advertising agency, got diverse experience to work with diverse industries. The journey from a small city to the metro city Mumbai adds quality experience which counts to give good direction to life.

Casting the first stone of ArtBuzz Advertising as a founder member in 2010. Working as a Creative Director with the goal to spread the presence in the leading metro cities in India.

Umesh Bhadane

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Specialisation in illustration. Skilled in 3D Animation, Logo Design, Advertising, Animation, and Graphic Design. Professional knowledge about 3D Studio Max (Beta Maya) focused on Animation, Modeling, and Lighting, Texturing, learned from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC).

Started career in an advertising agency at Mumbai in 2005. 5-6 Years experience of working in film industries at the big banner movies, Rase 2, Kanchi, Players, All The Best, Luck, Blue, … with Mr Ashish Ranade and Mr Narendra Rahurikar. Founded ArtBuzz Advertising in 2010, working as a Director. Set the footprints for ArtBuzz Advertising in the market, and grew the company to full-fledged advertising Agency.

A Few words from our clients

There is nothing like a happy client. Your word gives us the inspiration to be more dedicated to our work.