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Alert! interior lighting trend 2022 of a Club

With growth, experience, and successful client relationships up our sleeve, our most recent project is the newest party lounge in Pune, offering dining and dancing in a luxurious space. The BarZilla Night Club located in Hinjewadi is one of our most unique projects here at ArtBuzz, and we are beyond thrilled to show you what we have achieved with this space. Combining marketing talent with exceptional design and technology, we transform ordinary spaces into exceptional locations that soon become areas of service and interest to our numerous clients and their customers.


One of our latest ventures, BarZilla, is a brand that was ideated together and is currently operating as one of the best nightclubs and restaurants in the city. It began an as initiative so small with a vision so big; to turn something raw into the perfect destination for a night out. Considering our previous projects surrounded professional ambiance and healthcare, we were both challenged and eager to venture into a new theme that was exciting, flashy, dark, and essentially, a nightclub. At ArtBuzz, we work with a process that is constantly expanding and building on different ideas and sources of inspiration.

Concept Design is the very beginning of our creative process. Being in constant communication with our clients through every stage, we developed layouts and moved on to investigate finishing touches, design styles, and influences. To create imageability, especially one that correlates to our client’s vision, we generated 3D renders to describe the volumetric aspects of the design.

We started with civil work and with timely feedback, we advanced into design development. During this period, we dived right into the details of the scheme. While we have many principles that we hold so dear with regard to our work ethics and our creative processes, at ArtBuzz, we love and respect the details of any design and marketing undertakings. After all, details make the design, and details complete the story. Once we established the specifics, we refined the internal layouts and defined key finishes and materials for the floors, furniture, and walls, amongst a few. A secondary core principle here at ArtBuzz includes the importance of objects that synergize with the design and the space. Essentials like the furniture, the walls, and the floor enhance the overall interior of any design and we concentrate on these aspects to ensure an aesthetic that a visitor will want to come back to. For the final look, we defined the lighting concepts and we took our time with this stage as lighting directly affects mood and behavior.

Nearing the end of our project, we successfully implemented our design with the required installations at the proposed BarZilla Night Club. Staying in touch with their vision, we created a brand-new space that has luxurious interiors with neon lights and leather couches to elevate every visitor that walks into BarZilla. Equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, the nightclub has an enormous dance floor coupled with confetti cannons and LED triangles, to name a few.  At present, the newly designed nightclub is the destination for a euphoric experience of dining and dancing with continuous positive reviews and ratings. Going beyond the traditional nightclub experience, BarZilla extends an incredible cuisine paired with divine cocktails and mocktails. BarZilla was an absolutely eccentric project for all of us here at ArtBuzz and we were pleased to work with a team that had a fantastic vision.

BarZilla offers you an experience you’ll reminisce about more than once. With an ambiance that is energy-driven and a space that is designed to make you feel your best, the newest party lounge in town is eagerly awaiting your charismatic arrival.

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