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Do You Know The Most Popular Digital Marketing Weapon Of 2019 & Beyond?

There are millions of small online businesses operating in your target market alone. Did you know that? With this ever increasing competition in the online business world, don’t you think keeping your customers engaged or attracting more of them, would be no less than walking on the path of fire? It would be for sure, indeed. However, using the right digital marketing tactics, one can surely transcend all the barriers.

Please note that digital marketing here, does not solely indicate creating a website and performing SEO for a few keywords. Although online presence is the dominant factor for the success of online businesses, yet the present era of 2019 (and beyond) demands you to be more creative and pragmatic in your approach. Statistics say that the customers visiting your website or social media channel tend to remember only 20% of the text. No matter, how creatively you describe your brand through ‘words’, the key to igniting customer’s attention is ‘visual content’ like animated GIFs.

GIFs are powerful digital marketing tools that boost the possibility of your brand’s content going viral on social media, thereby increasing your online presence. Hence, if you want your brand to be famous, drive-in more traffic or convert queries into sales, get started with animated GIFs.

Here are some useful tips :

Storyline : First and foremost, it is very important to have a set storyline in mind. It would add life and charm to it. Since GIFs are actively being used in advertising, you cannot afford any slight mistake to be noticed by your end-customers. So, make sure you plan every minute detail of the GIF story, determine who will be the characters involved and how will you use them to advertise your brand.

Time Slots : To make sure that your brand advertisement is portrayed in an appropriate manner, it is important to check the time slot assigned to each phase of the GIF. Obviously, you will not want the GIF to be too fast to be noticed by the end-customers. Hence, every character, every scene and every action in the designing phase of the GIF should have a predefined time slot.

Facial Expressions : While designing the GIF for your brand, it is important to focus on the facial expressions of your characters. Buyers are so smart these days that they can easily read the facial expressions and body language of even the animated characters. So, make sure that the characters are lively and that their face tells your story without saying a word.

File Size :To make GIFs effective for social platforms, it is important to limit the file size as per the guidelines of each platform. Hence experts recommend to avoid gradients, use a limited color palette and neglect semi-transparent pixels.

Animation and design are the popular weapons that can eliminate all the hurdles and help your business sail through. But do you think its that easy? Although creating GIF advertisements is not a herculean task, yet it is not everyone’s cup of tea, as well. Ensuring that the GIF turns out to be fun and engaging, is the major forte of a professional, like ArtBuzz. The talented team working with us is a blend of designers and animators, who understand what your business goals are, and accordingly design a creative piece of GIF or digital banner that tells your story in a magnetic voice. For more details, get in touch with us and get your brand grooving with joy.

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