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Wordsmith- success key of an Advertising Agency

What is the stand of content writer in the agency

An Advertising agency revolves around Designs and Content (copy). Content writer is the one who make informative content to define any given topic or design. We then publish the content of the writer on the site of the company or on various other promotional sites like social media. His content then comes in the sight of the viewers, they read it and if its influential enough to leave an effect then the readers visit the site of the brand.

One always need to be perfectionist in his task in order to excel, therefore content writer must have the power to write effective, engaging and connecting contents.

Don’t get confused

You must not get confused between a copywriter and content writer, so let’s clear it first. Copywriter sells the product by his effective words. He crafts compelling lines for the ads so as to allure the viewers to buy the products. David Ogilvy the Advertising tycoon, said his best, ‘The advertiser who believe in the selling power of jingles have never had to sell anything’. Whereas Content writer is focussed on creating weightly engagement with the audience which includes blog posts, social media posts, e-mail and many other platforms. This is the method to create the position of the brand without even mentioning the name. The more blogs or engaging contents come in the periphery of reader the more trustworthy they become towards that particular brand. Both are just fancy differentiation of writers.

What to keep in mind

Oh…its not piece of cake to come up with creative contents. We content writers slog to build a constructive content. We make use of some appealing effects, that are:

• Using rich content that is search engine optimised

Content having use of words that is search engine optimised increases the crowd of viewers. The more the viewers like the content, more will be the faith. Faith therefore proportionally increases the customers of the brand.

• Winsome story base of content

The more catchy or relatable will be the story of your content, the more connected your readers will feel to you. The more connected, the more reliable and constant will the customers be.

• Strong grasp of language used

Content writer should have proper knowledge of the language used by him. He must be clear about should and shouldn’t of the writing tactics. Keeping in mind the target audience and writing the content as per them is also the big task.

• Researched and fresh content

In order to add credibility to the content one must do some reading and researching about the topic to be written about. Topics should be fresh and new because viewers will not be interested in reading what they already know unless it has some catchy factor or newness in it.


• Proofread, because that’s important

Don’t be in a hurry to publish it. Take your time, read it properly in order to avoid mistakes which add false impression. Read from the eye of audience and see what’s missing, then change it as per the choice.

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