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Shine at JITO Connect Trade Fair, The biggest event in Pune.
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Every business aims to attract attention and stand out in front of its audience, but only a few can achieve it. It requires the right mix of strategy and execution to pull it off successfully. APPL Industries, one of our esteemed clients, managed to do it with our help at the recently held JITO Connect Trade Fair. It was a 3-day trade summit to create opportunities and resources for small and medium business enterprises, other large businesses, and traders.

Since hundreds of businesses from around the country were set to participate in the fair, our client, APPL Industries, wanted a unique yet sophisticated style fair stall to make it the center of attention. After hours of research and brainstorming, we finalized a design that looked sleek, modern, and attention-grabbing. Here is what made our strategy successful at the event.

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