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Simulation Hub is a group of enthusiasts owning expertise in various segments including Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Computational Geometry, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Science, HPC, Cloud and UX design. Simulation Hub aims to simplify complex technologies for designers and engineers by creating effective products. Simulation Hub believes in the policy of, ‘Transforming human life by the democratization of technology.’

One of the most important factors that have led to a stronger collaboration between Simulation Hub and Art Buzz has been the fact that both entities aim to change the world for the better in their own way! One on end, Simulation Hub began its journey with an aim of simplifying complex technologies for designers and engineers by creating effective products. Whereas on the other end, ArtBuzz has been simplifying the code building a brand effectively through the means of digital marketing. These visions of the respective companies have been making collaboration stronger and more effective.

  Our collaboration with Simulation Hub, which happens to be Autonomous HVAC CFD and CC Tech has been productive as well as impactful in many ways as we, at ArtBuzz have been successfully managing various segments of digital marketing of the business entity. ArtBuzz has designed an impactful logo for Simulation Hub that has been successful in catching the eyes of many professionals around the globe. The paid social media campaigns run by ArtBuzz have been creating a significant impact on the growth of Simulation Hub at an effective rate. Apart from this, ArtBuzz is also engaged with Simulation Hub in the video-making segment and in the process of content creation which the company has been finding effective in various ways!

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