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BodyCraft fitness and wellness is all about taking care of your weight and health. Today everyone is conscious about their health and the way they look, so fitness center is the only place where they get their body crafted as they want. Physical fitness and being health conscious is the utmost need and the order of the day. BodyCraft provides you with all the facilities needed inside a gym.
  • Logo Design
  • T - Shirt Design
  • Outdoor Advertising

ArtBuzz Advertising have created the Logo design of the BodyCraft. We paid focus on the color and the design as per keeping in mind that the place is for fitness freaks.

Artbuzz have also designed the pamphlet of the BodyCraft fitness and wellness. Pamphlet was made for the viewers to get to know about the facilities provided by the gym to their customers. We have tried to show all the amenities provided in a better way.

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