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Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd., referred to simply as CCTech, is a well-known company that provides meaningful experiences to their customers through powerful and scalable engineering applications through software development and their client based are mainly US. They have diverse expertise in Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Computational Geometry, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Science, HPC, Cloud, and UX design.
Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CCTech) has been an industry leader in the CAD, CFD, and CAM software development fields for more than a decade. They have excelled in the industry by creating novel methods to address complex issues faced by many clients

ArtBuzz Advertising Agency for Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CCTech)

CCTech has been working with ArtBuzz Advertising Agency for more than a decade, and during that time, our relationship has grown and strengthened. 

CCTech is a Software Development Company, CC TECH is a parent Company, in addition they have two portals: two of them are simulationHub and Autonomous HVAC CFD, in which ArtBuzz Advertising has a huge part of providing the creative solutions to both companies and also providing creative solutions to CCTech.

They are one of the premium clients that we have worked with, and ArtBuzz Advertising Agency has provided many creative solutions, such as Stall Design and a video presentation that was shown to a large group of people. ArtBuzz has also provided Marketing Collaterals, such as brochures, reports, and website images, and they have handled social media.

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