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FirstJump Preschool gives an opportunity for kids to develop their social skills. They build relationships with other children and learn to grow with them. They adapt to habits like sharing, taking turns, communicating their ideas to other people, and most importantly they become independent. We work towards the development of mind, body, and soul based on Harvard Gardeners theory of Multiple Intelligence.
  • Logo design
  • Banner design
  • Report card design
  • Stationary

At ArtBuzz Advertising, we pride ourselves on our creativity and commitment to providing our clients with exceptional design solutions. Below is an overview of our work, highlighting our experience designing logos, banners, reports and stationery, as evidenced by our partnership with First Jump Preschool.


Our logo design for First Jump Preschool embodies the essence of childhood joy and learning. The design features vibrant colors, playful typography, and a whimsical illustration of a child taking their first leap into education. It symbolizes growth, curiosity, and a nurturing environment, reflecting the preschool's core values.


We crafted eye-catching banners that capture the attention of parents and children alike. These banners blend a delightful mix of colors, adorable imagery, and clear messaging to ]communicate the preschool's unique offerings. Our report card design for First Jump Preschool aligns with their commitment to quality education and transparent communication. We incorporated friendly graphics, easy-to-read typography, and a clear grading system to ensure parents receive comprehensive insights into their child's progress.


The stationary we designed for First Jump Preschool exudes professionalism while maintaining a child-friendly appeal. Our stationery package includes letterheads, envelopes, and business cards that feature the preschool's logo, ensuring brand consistency across all communication. The design conveys reliability and warmth, making a lasting impression on parents and partners.


At ArtBuzz Advertising, we understand the importance of visual communication in conveying your brand's identity and values. Our portfolio showcases our dedication to excellence in design and our commitment to helping clients like First Jump Preschool stand out in their respective industries.

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