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About Golden Care Hospital, Wakad, Pune
When it comes to private hospitals in Pune, Maharashtra, Golden Care Hospital boasts one of the best facilities and a reputation for being both patient- and family-friendly. In 1999, Golden Care Hospital opened its doors. Patients at Golden Care Hospital have access to cutting-edge medical equipment and the services of a dynamic and knowledgeable staff of medical experts. That all adds up to an unwavering commitment, which prevents any setbacks on the path to recovery. Golden Care Hospital has been offering emergency relief and evacuation services to international delegations, tourists, notable persons, locals, and a wide range of corporations and multinational conglomerates for more than two decade.
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ArtBuzz Advertising Agency for Golden Care Hospital, Wakad, Pune

The growth in life expectancy and overall improvement in the quality of life in modern societies may be directly attributed to the efforts of medical experts. In a similar vein, Artbuzz Advertising Agency has led to the development of a fruitful working partnership with Golden Care Hospital.

The Artbuzz Advertising Agency was happy to be able to provide them with the production of their marketing collateral, stationery, and Social Media handling, including the development of creative solutions and the managing of social media.

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