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Powered by the Centre for Computational Technologies Private Limited (CCTech), Learn CAx is a free offering educational platform for education related to CAx & CFD. Learn CAx is bound to the mission of getting connected to each individual who is looking for studies related to any stream of engineering. Learn CAx believes that along with a strong foundation every individual needs to integrate his academic learning to solve the real-time problems persisting in and around.

Education plays an all-important in the lives of every individual. To acquire rich and quality-based education every individual needs to be surrounded by quality teachers. Education plays the role of a firm base that puts a strong pavement towards a brighter future! We, at ArtBuzz, understand this need thoroughly and thus we collaborated with one such institution that has been creating a firm impact in the lives of blossoming minds.

Our collaboration with Learn CAx has been a very inspirational journey. We, at ArtBuzz, have created an impactful logo for Learn CAx that has successfully caught the eyes of an immense number of students and parents as well. The entity of ArtBuzz has also been managing the social media marketing of Learn CAx through which we can create an impactful awareness by posting attractive and informative posts related to the educational institution of Learn CAx and through the means of our research-based and innovative tactics the institution of Learn CAx has been witnessing a continuous increase in their student base at regular intervals. The collaboration with Learn CAx has been on the verge of completing 04 years and the team at ArtBuzz is looking for many more progressive years to serve the younger generation through the means of Learn CAx.

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