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Parinee Juhu Half Marathon is an initiative of GetFit Thru Sports Foundation (GETFIT) and is jointly organized by Rotary Club of Bombay Airport. GetFit is a nonprofit organization. It is engaged in promotion of fitness through sports. Its main endeavor is to inspire people across all age groups to take up at least one sport in order to maintain and enhance fitness. The current focus of GetFit is to promote long distance running. Other than Juhu Half Marathon, GetFit organizes "Beach Baarish Mein Run" in monsoon on Juhu Beach
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ArtBuzz Advertising Agency is proud to present a broad range of design solutions crafted for the Parinee Juhu Half Marathon, a remarkable initiative by GetFit. Our work with this inspiring organization allowed us to create impactful visual communication across various mediums, supporting the event's message of health, fitness, and community participation.


Our banner designs perfectly captured the essence of the Parinee Juhu Half Marathon. Vibrant and energetic visuals adorned with motivational quotes resonated with the participants, inviting them to be a part of this fitness display. The seamless blend of colors, typography, and imagery ensured that the banners stood out and conveyed the event's significance at a glance. The poster designs included the enthusiasm and dedication of both the participants and organizers. These posters not only attracted attention but also provided crucial information to potential participants, sponsors, and attendees.

The BIB designs summarized the individual spirit of each participant. Incorporating unique runner numbers, event branding, and participant information, these designs elevated the sense of personal achievement and involvement. The BIBs not only served practical purposes but also contributed to the event's visuals.

The efforts between ArtBuzz Advertising Agency and the Parinee Juhu Half Marathon initiative by GetFit resulted in a compelling visual identity that resonated with fitness enthusiasts, sponsors, and the community at large. The designs seamlessly fused creativity and functionality, enhancing the event's visibility, participation, and impact.

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, ArtBuzz Advertising Agency takes immense pride in contributing to the success of the Parinee Juhu Half Marathon, an initiative that promotes health, wellness, and a sense of accomplishment. We are honored to have played a role in bringing this inspiring event to life through our creative design solutions.

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